The ART of Social Nearness

“Social Distancing” is a terrible concept. It’s not ‘social distancing’ that is important in the real world, it is ‘physical distancing’. And as we are forced to host Virtual experiences, the all-important question remain – how do we harness the power of human emotion at virtual events?

Collaboration, discussion and inclusion are of utmost important for a successful event, but these values can be hard to accomplish in a virtual setting.

So why is RSVP management and more particularly the skills of Ovation ART going to change things?

The ART of Social Nearness

The competition is to win the ‘minds and more importantly the hearts’ of the audience. Content, creativity and enhanced event technology can captivate the mind but the heart, the emotional connection that comes from an unforgettable experience is the realm of RSVP management.

With Ovation ART’s integrated event management tool, audience interaction can be restored, and delegates again given the opportunity to interact and develop long lasting connections to Brand or product. We are talking the way we build relationships with invitees throughout the invite process, how we facilitate networking as you would at a real event, how we host guests from welcoming to assisting with any technical queries throughout.

Harness the skills of Ovation ART to ensure the right people attend your next virtual event in a receptive frame of mind and you will be successful.